Coaching for authors

Our one-to-one coaching gives you the rare opportunity to have your writing read by a leading publishing professional and to work with her in detail and face-to-face with the aim of maximising your potential as a writer, and in many cases, achieving representation and publication.

Kathy works with prospective, new and published authors and she provides personal editorial feedback, encouragement and support, enabling you to focus on your writing in a positive and constructive environment.

Kathy Gale encouraged me, taught me how to believe in myself, gave me faith in my ability to write, stimulated me and put up with me, with undying patience, when I was totally out of order! She enabled me to get my first book accepted by a top publisher at the first try.
— Melody Sachs, published by Bonnier Zaffre

You can work step-by-step with Kathy for as long or as short a period as you like so that you can achieve a finished manuscript to a very high standard.

Kathy will also support you through the challenges of being a writer, such as problems with confidence, writer's block, and finding the time and space to write.  She provides detailed information about literary agents, the literary establishment and the publishing world.

If you work with Kathy to the end of the process and she feels you have significant potential, she will present your work to literary agents or give you all the information you need to present your writing yourself.

If you are a published writer thinking of changing creative direction, facing change or challenge at your publisher or wanting to develop your work, Kathy can help.  She supports authors to reach and stay at the top of their game and maintain a highly successful career.

Coaching for prospective authors

Coaching for prospective authors begins with a free initial session of up to one hour. In this session, Kathy will look at your plans and hopes as a writer, where you are now and what you would hope to gain from working with her. You will begin to get to know each other and to talk about how you would work together to support you to achieve your goals.

If you decide to proceed, Kathy will usually ask you to leave a sample of your work with her – a maximum of 15,000 words - and an outline. She will then read and think about your work, and prepare feedback for you in advance of your next session.

In the second session, Kathy will give her feedback on your writing and you will look in depth together at your work. You may want to consider changes or developments in your writing, either broadly or in terms of more detailed editorial work, and you would explore this with Kathy. You would discuss the next step, which could be to rework the piece of writing you have shown Kathy and then show it to her again, or to start working on a new piece or another section of your work.  If you have a complete manuscript, you may ask Kathy to read this in its entirety.

Subsequent sessions are tailor made to support your writing.  You can arrange further meetings or telephone consultations when it suits you.  Typically, in later sessions, Kathy will give feedback on revised work or on new sections of your writing, usually working towards a final manuscript to submit to agents. 

Prospective authors who have not yet begun to write

If you have not yet begun to write, Kathy can provide encouragement, strategies for starting out and support. If you are finding it difficult to begin, Kathy can talk with you about the difficulties you are experiencing and explore ways to overcome them with you. In these circumstances, Kathy offers an initial session to talk over your situation and ongoing sessions as and when you need them.

Coaching for published authors

Kathy offers consultations for published authors if, for example, you want to change creative direction; would like to develop your writing; are facing change at your publisher; or need information or support to deal with other personal, professional or creative challenges.

There are sometimes danger points for published writers, which may not become apparent until it is too late.  If your editor moves or sales are modest, your publisher may not continue with you and it can then be hard to find another home.  We can help you navigate these situations and help you to ensure that your writing career flourishes in the long term.


Melissa Harrison came to see Kathy not sure what she wanted to write and feeling low in confidence. She has now published three acclaimed novels with Bloomsbury.


Joanna Parkin worked with Kathy to fine tune an outline and sample chapters when an agent had expressed interest in her book. Yogi Mama was snapped up by the Feldstein Agency right away.

Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen
— John Steinbeck

How to proceed

If you would like to proceed, please call Kathy on 07944 137248 or 020 8521 2589, or use our contact page to arrange an initial conversation and, if you decide to go forward, your first session.

Kathy offers telephone, email, Skype and Facetime consultations instead of face-to-face meetings, although one of the great benefits of this coaching is to be able to sit down with an experienced publisher and discuss your work face to face. It can be particularly beneficial to have at least the initial meeting in person. If you are ill or disabled and in the London area, it may be possible for Kathy to travel to your home. If you would like to discuss remote or home consultations, please let Kathy know during your initial conversation.

It is important to say that Kathy’s opinions are her own personal, professional opinions.  She cannot guarantee publication as a result of working with her.

Also, the publishing advances authors receive are sometimes low and in those cases you might not recoup the costs of coaching.  Kathy will talk this through with you in your initial session.


Kathy charges £70 an hour for her work with individual writers, excluding the initial free session and including all further reading, editing and consultations.

Coaching in groups

Gale & Co Writers' Studio groups provide coaching for four to six writers who would like to develop and flourish alongside other authors.  more…

Train to be a writers' coach

Writing coaches support authors to flourish and grow, helping to create a whole new generation of creative writers. This can be an extraordinarily rewarding and successful career. 

Kathy is now offering training and supervision to others who would like to become writing coaches and associates of Gale & Co. more…

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