We are very proud of the work we have done to support writers and writing. Take a look at some of the great things people have said about us.

When I began working with Kathy Gale my confidence in my own ability was fairly low, and I wasn’t sure how best to develop my writing skills. She helped me identify and work through the things that were blocking me, and then guided me into a working pattern, and a way of thinking about writing, that were really productive.

As I began to work on a book Kathy was able to ‘plug in’ to my manuscript, working with me in a way that was very sensitive to its possibilities, and to my own strengths. She absolutely ‘got’ what I was trying to do, and she treated me like a writer, not like a ‘wannabe’ writer, which was a huge boost.

I was able to work flexibly with Kathy – really, as much support as I wanted and needed, both in person, on the phone and by email – rather than being committed to a fixed schedule of meetings. That was immensely helpful and reassuring.

Now, just over a year later, I have a first draft of a book, an offer of representation from a leading agent, and interest from a major publisher. None of those things would have happened without Kathy’s support. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Melissa Harrison, now an acclaimed author with Bloomsbury (Clay and At Hawthorn Time), Faber & Faber, and a columnist on The Times. At Hawthorn Time was shortlisted for the Costa Book of the Year Award 2016
Kathy was one of the first people who made me think I really might be able to do this. I was very new when I met her, and just blindly guessing at how to be a writer. Kathy saw potential in the manuscript I sent her and helped me turn it into something stronger and better. I felt so encouraged and I learnt a lot. I now have four books published by Nosy Crow, with two more on the way.
— Catherine Wilkins
It’s been a long and winding road and a lot of hard work, but Kathy’s quiet persistence and thorough knowledge of the publishing industry has taken me on an eye-opening journey from keen amateur writer to achieving a three-book deal with HarperCollins.
— Jack Slater
Kathy Gale encouraged me, taught me how to believe in myself, gave me faith in my ability to write, stimulated me and put up with me, with undying patience, when I was totally out of order! She enabled me to get my first book accepted by a top publisher at the first try.
— Melody Sachs, whose first novel, The Girl from the Tyne, was published by Bonnier Zaffre in April 2017 as part of a two-book deal
True, the book had to be written, but the problem was confidence. I didn’t have much, in me as a writer or in the book finding a publisher. But Kathy grasped this and the project evolved. In due course there was a book that looks as if it has been written by a real writer - and a publisher emerged as well - but it would never have happened without her.
— Chris Phillips, whose first book, Flower Essences and Depression, was published by Floris Books
It was a great pleasure to work with Kathy as she was incredibly encouraging and really boosted my confidence as a writer. With Kathy’s help and gentle advice, I created a proposal and chapter samples that led me to being signed by a literary agent after only a few weeks of working with her. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!
— Joanna Parkin, whose book Yogi Mama is represented by the Feldstein Agency
Kathy Gale gave me invaluable guidance.
— Shireen Smith, author of Legally Branded: Logos, Trade Marks, Designs, Copyright, Intellectual Property, Internet Law, Social Media, Marketing, published by Rethink Press
I cannot recommend Kathy Gale and her Writers’ Studio groups highly enough. For authors and aspiring authors, having Kathy on your side with her wisdom, technical expertise, industry experience and supportive style, is invaluable. Kathy is very skillful, facilitating the group in way that ensures everybody gets what they need and feels safe, and she nurtures the group to become much more than the sum of its parts.
— Lucy Mullins
As my publisher/editor, Kathy Gale was astute, empathetic, entertaining, focused and engaged. I entirely enjoyed working with her.
— Joan Barfoot
I worked with Kathy Gale for a number of years when she was publisher at The Women’s Press and found her to be a talented and dedicated editor who was committed to high-quality publishing.
— Marcia Muller
Kathy Gale is a superb editor, extremely perceptive in seeing the true shape, direction and texture of your writing and helping you to refocus, cut and restructure. Her sensitivity and respect for the writing and the writer made her adept at helping you to do this without pain. In my earlier career, she was an immense support to me - and I learned a great deal from her.
— Stevie Davies
Kathy Gale was very important in getting my first three books, the Diving In trilogy, successfully published. As an editor, she was never afraid to tell me where I’d gone astray, but she’d be enormously supportive too. My sessions with her were honest, invigorating and, most of all, creative. I’ve got a lot to thank her for.
— Kate Cann
Having been a TV writer for nearly twenty years, I’d decided I wanted to write a book but was nervous of switching disciplines, uncertain whether I’d be able to adapt my skills from one area to another. I gave my first three chapters to Kathy to read and found her thoughtful analysis, detailed feedback and encouragement extremely helpful, all of which gave me the confidence to continue.
— Elly Brewer
I worked closely with Kathy Gale on several novels. We did extensive work together, shaping and fine-tuning my books. I highly valued Kathy’s advice and expert, professional opinion, which greatly helped me to develop as a writer.
— Millie Murray
I have worked with Kathy Gale over many years at Simon & Schuster. She is a fantastic, collaborative, intelligent, smart woman and I have had so much fun working with her. Her ideas are great and she can certainly see them through to the end. She is an asset to anyone!
— Jackie Collins
I have had excellent experiences of working with Kathy. She is a skilled and sensitive editor with an eye for talent and a gift for helping authors making the very best of their work.
— Jennifer Hewson, Literary Agent, Rogers Coleridge and White
I have always found Kathy the most charming and professional individual to work with. She has a can-do personality that makes things happen. Those authors privileged enough to work with her found her an absolute pleasure. In a dream team of publishing personnel for any fantasy publishing company, she will always be at the top of the list.
— Luigi Bonomi, Literary Agent, LBA
I have known Kathy Gale for over fifteen years and have always admired her. She has had a unique career in publishing: editorial, senior management and marketing. Few people could embrace such a range of jobs and do them all well, but Kathy’s intelligence, good judgement and calm professionalism has always carried her through. I know that Kathy is one of those people who makes a success of everything she wants to do.
— Carole Blake, Literary Agent, Blake Friedmann
Kathy Gale has many years of publishing experience, which she has always put to good use for her authors.
— Vivien Green, Literary Agent, Sheil Land Associates
During her six years at Simon & Schuster, Kathy spearheaded many successful marketing campaigns across hardback and paperback, fiction and non-fiction. She has always shown professionalism, dedication and an unswerving commitment to excellence. Her contribution to the growth of Simon & Schuster has been significant.
— Ian Chapman, Managing Director, Simon & Schuster
Kathy Gale is a well-known and respected figure in British publishing. She will be known to many from her years as Joint Managing Director of The Women’s Press where her business acumen and good relationships with authors, agents and the book trade put the company on a sound footing at a difficult time. She also has hands-on experience of key areas of publishing, including working closely with authors as an editor, creating dramatic and effective marketing campaigns for a wide variety of titles and working closely with editorial and sales. Kathy knows the publishing business from top to bottom.
— Diane Spivey, Group Contracts Director, Hachette UK